changing the middle east one loan at a time find out more about our sharia law compliant lending platform

World Coin Network is giving over 100,000
interest-free loans per year

sharia law
compliant loans
Up to 10,000 WCN tokens per loan on 0% interest-free
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With each repayment we will help you build your credit

Creating stable communities for a more
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Lending Platform – Job Creation

In order to facilitate trade and create jobs, World Coin Network will create a lending platform. WCN will be holding 15% of our tokens for the lending platform, we plan to give loans to underprivileged people to start in-home businesses, open up store fronts, or web businesses. Our loans will be from $100 to $10,000 and we expect to generate between 50,000 to 100,000 loans in a year.

Small loans have the ability to change people’s lives in many countries especially women who don’t have access to the banking system. 85% of the Middle East is unbanked and World Coin Network could become the bridge for them. We want to establish WCN as the banking system of the unbanked and merchants who can’t access the traditional banking world. By giving out loans in WCN Tokens we will also be building out our Network. Imagine within a year tens of thousands of stores and websites all accepting WCN, while also getting lending help from us.
Our lending platform will be interest-free. We will follow Sharia law guidelines, and become partners in these new businesses. By being partners, we will give the business owners the choice, they can select to buy us out at any time or just continue being 20% partners and paying WCN a share of the profits each month. Our lending platform will also give a credit score and ranking to each member, as the membership grows anyone who owns WCN Tokens can loan them to a business or individual to start a business or expand an established one. The credit ratings will provide a score and level of risk each loan takes on.

With 85% of the Middle East being unbanked WCN sees a massive opportunity. Not only could we become the leading digital currency in the Middle East but we can create jobs and stabilize the region where unemployment is 25%-40% in many countries. Our whole vision is to bring stability, and commerce, to an untapped market. This market has the potential to be a huge windfall. To bring stability you need to create jobs, and the best way we can do this is to empower the disenfranchised population. WCN will help create jobs, stabilize, and it will also extend the World Coin Network around the region. Think of the lending platform as a second ICO to hundreds of thousands of small merchants. All of WCN token holders receiving loans must also accept WCN coins as a form of payment, thus creating a community that depends on the World Coin Network.

In most cases WNC coin will be the merchant’s largest asset, thus we will become the best and most fully integrated digital Currency in that region. Our lending platform will propel millions of unbacked people into a new digital era. As token holders of WCN also come into the peer2peer lending platform, lending coins will boost community integration and increase the rate at which WCN can grow. The lending platform will accelerate our penetration into an untapped market and create a large network of websites and businesses across the region that will start creating jobs and stabilizing the region.