philanthropic goals

Keeping with our ideals of creating a stable and prosperous Middle East, we will be allocating a portion of our profits for Zakat (charitable tradition). We will be donating 20% of our transaction fees to non-profit educational charities in the Middle East. We believe helping underprivileged children, receive a proper education will inevitability help their families break the circle of poverty.

Why education?

The multiple conflicts that have plagued the middle eastern region and prevented children of all ages to receive the adequate education, range from economic disparity, lack of basic public services, economic instability, and war-affected areas.

Unicef published a report that 40% of all children across these regions are currently not receiving an education, a crisis that is been attributed to lack of proper educational facilities created by the economic uncertainty and neglectful governments. This demonstrated that the demands have overstretched their limited resources.

These children are known as the "Lost Generation" by Aljazeera, discovering that 15,000,000 children are out of school in the middle east. The statistic tells us that 1 in 4 children are either out of school or in danger of dropping out. Some of these children become economic providers at a very young age to help their families and are unable to return to their educational paths.
Another prominent factor to blame for the "lost generation" is the ever-expanding violence growing in the region, displacing millions and millions of families.

"Investing in education yields significant development benefits. Education reduces poverty, boosts economic growth and increases income. It increases a person's chances of having a healthy life."
(Global Partnership for Education)

The reason we decided to invest our charity into education, is because we understand that by providing education to the future generations of this region, we will be extending a permanent helping hand, that will give them the tools to shape, fix and reinvent their communities. This new generation of individuals will be the leaders of the future and unless they are provided with the education and resources they need, they will be the permanent collateral payment in the never-ending cycle of poverty.

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

We want to invite you to join us to make a difference...