What is world coin network?

Our vision is to create a universal Middle Eastern Currency and bring stability to the region. Many currencies in the Middle East are extremely volatile and affect the region's ability to create jobs and facilitate trade.

What do we do?

Some of the major problems in the Middle East can be directly linked to the fiat currencies in use by unstable and authoritarian governments. Just look at the rapid devaluation of currencies in the region, in some cases over 90% in just a year. World Coin Network aims to remedy these issues through empowerment, asset protection, and facilitate economic development in the region through a trusted digital currency.

  • Empower ecommerce in the Middle East - Many of the nations in the Middle East have low penetration rates of credit cards, this stifles online commerce, innovation, and job creation. World Coin Network wants to build a network of tens of thousands of online merchants who will take World Coin Network tokens. This will help facilitate trade and commerce across the region.
  • We are creating the only de facto Middle Eastern currency that will be used by all Middle Eastern Countries.
  • First Movers Advantage - We plan to gain a competitive advantage by integration into untapped markets first.
  • We are creating a partnership with local businesses to use World Coin as the premier currency for the Middle East trade, in stores, and online.
  • All commerce can be done on the World Coin network system, including escrows, lending, and letter of credit for trade.
  • First Sharia Law Digital Lending Platform - We are building a peer to peer system within the World Coin Network where people can loan one another World Coins for percentage of a business, staying within Sharia Law. Building an interest free partnership with business and generating jobs across the region. Plus giving people access to credit that otherwise would not be able to get any.
  • Many of these countries are cash based and local trades have to exchange money at local exchanges. We are partnering up with these exchanges to start taking fiat currency in exchange for secure and trusted World Coin tokens.


  • Ico and world coin deployment

    We will roll out WorldCoin after our ICO for initial coin usage and open market trading. 12-1

  • Develop platform for national exchanges

    We will also immediately start development on our platform, featuring security minded coding and not relying on existing security infrastructures. (This is for exchanging tokens (AED <-> AEDT)(NO Kyber contracts yet.))

  • We will then start to deploy our local markets country-by-country

    The order of country deployment will be determined by initial demand and further market research etc. We will then create an exchange on top of the platform developed on step 2; This we be our own Middle East mini exchange for our token holders to use. Then we can develop partnerships with local banks to store fiat reserves. All the banks we work with help us in our quarterly investor screened audits of cash reserves on hand... (if only everyone did this!) We will then link the cash with the documents referenced in blockchain correspondence to the actual real money transactions.

  • We will then Begin working with kybe (Parallel with deploying local markets)

    To create a unique (non-market exchange reliant) token exchange service for easy conversions between national tokens and WorldCoin.

  • Mobile app development

    Our mobile app will allow token holders to store national tokens and convert them to/from national currencies and to/form WorldCoin. This will allow people to send tokens and WorldCoin to friends

  • Working with merchants

    We then shift our focus on working with merchants to help them accept national tokens and WordCoin for their services and goods. Creating a platform which they can easily integrate into their existing businesses.

World Coin Network has a feature that allows us to create new partner coins and integrate them within the World Coin Network. Helping spread Digital Currency across the Middle East and rapidly expand the reach of WCN. We have already acquired hundreds of domains for future partners and will be releasing them as we gain new partners. Our regional partners will gain access to our entire platform, apps, lending, and exchanges. WCN token holders will also receive a percentage of each new coin minted, creating value for WCN token holders long term while expanding our Network across the Middle East. Our partner coins will allow each coin to conform specifically to the country's financial policies, so that they are able to operate legally. These coins, combined with our physical branches, will provide ample access to cryptocurrency and will drive demand for the World Coin Network. Here is a list of the 14 website domains that we have reserved for our current partners:

  • afgancoin.com
  • iraqcoin.com
  • saudcoin.com
  • yemencoin.com
  • egyptiancoin.com
  • persiacash.com
  • kuwaitcash.com
  • omancash.com
  • pakistancash.com
  • somaliacash.com
  • ethiopiacash.com
  • libiacash.com
  • syriacash.com
  • turkishcash.com